Advising by Napkin

I was sitting in a bookstore in Amarillo more than a year ago when I was suddenly struck by a few ideas for The Prairie, the student news organization at West Texas A&M. I had a pen but, inexplicably, no paper. I grabbed a nearby (unused) napkin and jotted down some notes. As a student … Continue reading

My Journalism Student is Getting Out of Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is just too dicey. My journalism student, Daniela Fierro (Twitter @daniefierro), is coming home. I give a lot of credit to West Texas A&M’s Study Abroad Office and to EESA-Eastern European Study Abroad, Daniela’s specific program coordinator, for staying on top of the situation as things have changed. Now, with Russia’s increased military … Continue reading

My Journalism Student is in Ukraine

“Everything is really eerie here.” That’s how a flurry of back-and-forth Facebook messages started this morning with Daniela Fierro, a WTAMU journalism student who is currently studying abroad in Ukraine. She’s living in Kharkiv, which is in the eastern part of the country. Until now, most of the unrest has been happening in Kiev, the capital, … Continue reading