Albuquerque, New Mexico

Road trips are awesome. Throw in some great friends, and it makes for a mighty fine weekend. Albuquerque is about a four hour drive from Amarillo. There’s a whole lot of nature out there (a pessimist might call it “nothing”), but there are some pretty rockin’ travel stops along I-40 in this part of the … Continue reading

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one of those man-made world wonders I had heard about my whole life but had never seen in person. I rectified that earlier this month during my road trip out west. This series of pictures was taken from the observatory in the Visitor’s Center. The Hoover Dam is just too “dam” big … Continue reading

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park holds such a sacred place in America’s psyche — not to mention its significance to geology, archaeology, and a host of other disciplines — that I don’t feel the need to describe its importance to anyone. I’m simply going to provide some of my favorite photos. I traveled to the Grand … Continue reading