First Day in Athens, Greece

Greetings, folks! I hope you have some terrific plans this summer, whether they include travel or other interesting adventures. I got to experience some wonderful travel moments during the past couple of months, and it’s time I started doing a little sharing. This year, I was fortunate to make my first visit to Greece, return to England, … Continue reading

WTAsia2015: One Week in Seoul

Our visit to Jeju Island was a relatively short three nights, and our time in Gwangju flew by after only two nights. By then, I think most of the WTAsia2015 travel writing crew were eager to settle down for a bit. Ready for the final leg of our journey, we arrived at the station in Gwangju and waited for our … Continue reading

Advising by Napkin

I was sitting in a bookstore in Amarillo more than a year ago when I was suddenly struck by a few ideas for The Prairie, the student news organization at West Texas A&M. I had a pen but, inexplicably, no paper. I grabbed a nearby (unused) napkin and jotted down some notes. As a student … Continue reading