Examining and Supporting Scholastic Journalism

I recently wrapped up two years of service as chair of the Society of Professional Journalists Journalism Education Committee. It was a privilege serving two SPJ presidents (thank you Dana Neuts and Paul Fletcher) and my committee colleagues. We’ve been doing some important work that deserves continued attention. The most up-to-date research on the state of … Continue reading

WTAsia2015: Mudeungsan National Park and Chonnam National University

We joined an old friend of mine (a professor at Chonnam National University) and some of his students on our second day in Gwangju to explore one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations — Mudeungsan National Park. It’s a mountain, so there’s a bit of a hike — literally. We decided to visit one of … Continue reading

Gwangju, South Korea — Dying for Democracy

When people ask me why I like to travel, I tell them over and over again that I enjoy it because I learn things. It teaches me. It humbles me. It challenges me. I find that to be worth every dollar I spend on it and every small frustration I might experience along my way. My visit to … Continue reading