My Journalism Student is Getting Out of Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is just too dicey. My journalism student, Daniela Fierro (Twitter @daniefierro), is coming home. I give a lot of credit to West Texas A&M’s Study Abroad Office and to EESA-Eastern European Study Abroad, Daniela’s specific program coordinator, for staying on top of the situation as things have changed. Now, with Russia’s increased military … Continue reading

Making a Shift Toward International Journalism

The United States needs more international journalism in its news diet. Recent revelations from Pew Research show public interest in foreign news has been declining, and one likely reason is the increased attention Americans have been giving to domestic problems. (We are paying more attention to Asia than to Europe, but if you live in … Continue reading

A Primer for the Masses: Trusting Information

I had a lot of discussions with my media classes this past week about what happened in Boston and how the news media have covered these events. We’ve had very good conversations about the information we were getting, its quality, and whether it could be trusted. Much focus has been on the journalists and how … Continue reading