Launching #WTAsia2015

Almost two years have passed since Kim Bruce and I took our first group of travel writing students to South Korea and Japan. We dubbed that study abroad effort #WTAsia2013. Last Thursday, after a winter storm had forced class cancellations the week before, we finally launched #WTAsia2015. This year’s plan is to spend two weeks in South Korea. … Continue reading

The Opportunity for Study Abroad

That’s a pretty good-looking bunch, huh? My faculty partner and I have spent nearly two years putting together an upcoming study abroad trip for a group of communication students at West Texas A&M University. Since January, we’ve been teaching a weekly course in preparation for our “Travel Writing: Seoul and Tokyo” excursion this summer. That’s … Continue reading

Planning an Adventure is an Adventure

My colleague and I are taking a Travel Writing class to Asia in less than four months. We’ve long since passed the early significant hurdles in this process: planning a two-week itinerary, creating a responsible budget, getting approval from my academic department and the Study Abroad Office, and then finding at least 10 students willing … Continue reading