RIAS German/American Journalists Exchange

American and German broadcast journalists have been participating in a significant transatlantic exchange opportunity since 1993. Every year, the RIAS German/American Journalists Exchange Program, sponsored by RTDNA and RTDNF, sends German journalists to the United States, and American journalists to Germany, to learn about our respective news media systems, governments, and cultures. According to RTDNA, … Continue reading

Journalism’s Moment in Tuscaloosa

If you live outside of the state of Alabama, you may not have heard about this week’s Tuscaloosa City Board of Education election — yet. I feel pretty confident that this is going to get some national attention. There are accusations of voter fraud, an email that suggests a University of Alabama sorority offered free … Continue reading

Seoul: Arirang TV, a Buddhist Temple and Reporting from North Korea

Arirang TV broadcasts internationally to promote South Korea’s culture and heritage. I used to watch its English-language programs, particularly the news, while I was an expat living in Seoul. I can still watch the network live via an iPhone and iPad app. My study abroad group (a bunch of communication students and profs) was given a … Continue reading