Considering Attitudes About Teachers

I found out earlier today, rather accidentally, that the Texas A&M University System has cancelled its Teaching Excellence Awards program. In short, the practice was that A&M system students were surveyed about their classes and teachers. They were asked if they thought their teachers deserved some extra recognition for the work they put into their … Continue reading

Summer Break?!?

My Summer I course is finito — the aforementioned graduate historical research methods. My students seemed to have had a good time with it, they turned in some solid work, and I really enjoyed myself, too. Now for the continuation of my summer “break.” The summer break is a lie, by the way. Because work … Continue reading

The Frustration of Failing to Get Through

Whew! I’ve been crazy busy for the past four weeks, so I’ve been lazy with my blogging. But the topic of this particular post has been chewing on me for the last couple of weeks. I’m teaching a Media History course this semester, and one of the major assignments is to write a research paper … Continue reading