A New Urgency for Journalism

Another new semester will dawn at West Texas A&M University next week. Just as the summer starts its predictable fade into fall, I’ll once again find myself inside a classroom, meeting new students and catching up with familiar ones. I appreciate the academic cycle, with its built-in opportunities for renewal and change. Every semester offers … Continue reading

Coaching Journalism Students When a Fellow Student Dies

That title might be a bit misleading. I think I said “do this” a lot more than I said “consider this” today. A West Texas A&M student was killed just after midnight today. WT’s student newspaper, The Prairie, reported that a train slammed into her car. The student has many friends on campus and was also … Continue reading

Actually Getting to Know My Students

A few things happened this week that prompted a lot of thought about my relationships with my students. All of these things happened outside of my normal class interactions. For starters, one of my students asked if he could come see me after class one day. It was one of those “shut the door” kinds … Continue reading