Travel Photos of 2017

My traveling experiences changed dramatically during 2017. I started the year in a new relationship and ended the year as a newlywed husband and stepdad. The changes have certainly impacted how (and where) I travel, but I still managed to take some photos along the way. Here’s a snapshot (several of them, actually) of my … Continue reading

Charleston, Day 3

On my final full day in Charleston, my brother and sister-in-law had to get back to work, so I was left to meander the city by myself. Which is what I usually do when I travel, anyway. As I was looking for things to do, I was reminded that Fort Sumter was right under my … Continue reading

Charleston, Day 2

Hey! Blogger finally got with it re: my Charleston pics. So, here we go. If you’ve been to the downtown area, you’ll recognize the Market Street area. The market was built between 1788 and 1804. Now, it’s full of shops and restaurants, but it used to be a place where meats, vegetables, fruit, and fish … Continue reading