Travel Photos of 2015

This past year was full of terrific travel opportunities. Another group of West Texas A&M University students traveled to South Korea on a Study Abroad program, an adventure I had been looking forward to for two years. I made my first ever trip to South America, and I was able to check a few “must experience” items … Continue reading

A Primer for Student Travel

Traveling internationally is one of the most rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating, humbling, and educational endeavors one can pursue. I haven’t met many people, once they’ve put an overseas trip or two behind them, who expressed no interest whatsoever in doing it again. I’ve been fortunate to share these kinds of experiences with a few of my colleagues … Continue reading

Ecuador: Buying Bizcochos and Shopping at Otavalo

On the last day of my stay in Ecuador, my host family took me to Otavalo, which is located north of Quito. That city is famous for its market of traditional Andean crafts. On our way there, my hosts wanted to introduce me to one of their favorite snacks, and they asked if I was … Continue reading