Five Thoughts to Think Before You Share Propaganda on Social Media

#1 Check the web address If the source material comes from a website that has a history of providing smartly-written, well-sourced information – whether it’s straightforward news or colored by a particular perspective – then that’s a good first sign. The information might have some truth in it somewhere. If the source material comes from … Continue reading

Incorporating Twitter Into My Media Classes

I’ve been making a big push to give Twitter an increasing amount of attention in my journalism and mass communication classes. I discovered during the spring semester, sort of by accident, that using Twitter at the start of class is an effective way to get students warmed up and ready for our primary discussion. I … Continue reading

Academic Discussion via Twitter

I’ve finally arrived at the point in the fall semester when I need to be casting significant glances ahead to the spring. That means working on syllabi for two new classes (Media History and Feature Writing) and making syllabus adjustments for a class I’ll be teaching again (Media Writing). Lately, though, I’ve been spending time … Continue reading