Look to Campus for Journalism’s Renaissance

The news for college journalism has been pretty good recently, particularly for The Crimson White, the University of Alabama’s student newspaper. Student journalists turned their attention toward the continuing practice of racial segregation within the university’s Greek system. The reporting was picked up nationally and internationally, and The CW continued to hammer away at the issue … Continue reading

A Response from Senator Sessions

I’m still keeping up with the progress back home of the proposed federal shield law for journalists. In a previous post, I included my letter to U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, who is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I’m from Alabama, by the way, which is why I wrote to him. I … Continue reading

Supporting a Federal Shield Law for Journalists

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering Senate Bill 448 on Thursday. The Free Flow of Information Act would implement a shield law to protect journalists on the federal level. At the moment, American journalists only have such protections at the state level. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) is the ranking member of the committee, … Continue reading