Food Pics (Europe Edition)

Regular visitors know that I irregularly post photos and thoughts about my travels on this blog. I can go long stretches without sharing new content. As a professor, the fall academic calendar keeps me pretty close to home, but my travel itinerary usually starts to fill up after the spring semester break and stretches into the summer. … Continue reading

Travel Photos of 2015

This past year was full of terrific travel opportunities. Another group of West Texas A&M University students traveled to South Korea on a Study Abroad program, an adventure I had been looking forward to for two years. I made my first ever trip to South America, and I was able to check a few “must experience” items … Continue reading

Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness

The primary goal during my stay in Scotland was to view Loch Ness with my own eyes. I made that promise to myself in elementary school, when I went through a phase of reading books about Bigfoot, UFOs, and — of course — the Loch Ness Monster. Visiting Loch Ness had been on my “must experience” … Continue reading