Food Pics (Europe Edition)

Regular visitors know that I irregularly post photos and thoughts about my travels on this blog. I can go long stretches without sharing new content. As a professor, the fall academic calendar keeps me pretty close to home, but my travel itinerary usually starts to fill up after the spring semester break and stretches into the summer. … Continue reading

Travel Photos of 2014

I was really fortunate to experience an abundance of travel opportunities in 2014. This year was particularly special because I did something I’ve never done before: circumnavigate the northern hemisphere. I left Amarillo, Texas, in May and kept traveling eastward until I got back in early July. I had a lot of fun seeing old … Continue reading

A Traveler’s Question: What do they know that I don’t?

I am immensely fortunate to serve on West Texas A&M University’s Study Abroad Committee. It’s so much fun being involved in WT’s efforts to provide students and faculty with educational opportunities outside of the United States. A couple of weeks ago, our Study Abroad coordinator asked if I would write a short essay for the Featured … Continue reading