Korea’s Court Upholds New Media Bills

A quick scan of The Korea Times on Friday brought some related stories to my attention. South Korea’s Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that the package of highly controversial media reform bills that passed Parliament this summer are valid. The Times quoted the Yonhap News Agency’s report that the reform bills “eliminate ownership restrictions in … Continue reading

Survey Suggests Low Public Support for Media Changes

“Public Opinion Turns Against the GNP” reads the headline. The secondary headline reads “DP survey shows seven out of ten people oppose the media reform bills.” The Hankyoreh, a progressive newspaper, reported the poll results in its July 25th online edition. The survey supports the opposition Democratic Party’s position that the ruling party — the … Continue reading

I Told You It was Controversial!

The highly controversial media reform legislation finally made it to South Korea’s parliament floor. Take a look at this video clip on the BBC’s website. Holy cow! I didn’t see this on Arirang, Seoul’s English-language news channel, today. Go figure. More to come later…. Butler