Ecuador: Buying Bizcochos and Shopping at Otavalo

On the last day of my stay in Ecuador, my host family took me to Otavalo, which is located north of Quito. That city is famous for its market of traditional Andean crafts. On our way there, my hosts wanted to introduce me to one of their favorite snacks, and they asked if I was … Continue reading

Ecuador: Middle of the World

Mitad Del Mundo — the Middle of the World — is a pretty sweet landmark. Yeah, it’s touristy (because it’s cool). Yeah, new technology shows it’s not “quite” the exact spot where the world is divided in half. Yeah, I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve straddled the equator. As I was walking … Continue reading

Quito: Nestled in the Andes

High atop El Panecillo, Quito’s distinctive blue and red flag waves above a city that has claimed this part of the Andes Mountains as its own. It’s hard to get a sense of what Quito looks like when you’re traversing its many streets and boulevards, but once you ascend this hill that rises from the … Continue reading