William Blackstone is Dead. His Press Theory Should Be, Too.

When White House spokesperson Jay Carney said last week that President Obama’s administration believes the nation’s press should be “unfettered” as it pursues investigative journalism, it struck me as an odd — and very specific — thing to say. (Alexandra Petri thought so, too, and wrote about it for The Washington Post.) Carney (who worked … Continue reading

Applauding as Your Rights are Taken

A clerk in Putnam County, New York, has placed himself smack in the center of a somewhat controversial episode that has set journalism, press freedom and privacy at odds. It also has a nice “rule of law” angle to it. Take a look at this report from Poynter, because it’s serving as the informational basis … Continue reading

Press Freedom? Only If the Mob Agrees With You.

Part of my job as an educator is to cut through some of the mythology that surrounds America’s free press history. It’s important to let my students know that everything hasn’t been as rosy as we typically have been led to believe. America is the bastion of free press rights, correct? We respect different viewpoints … Continue reading