Touring London Wasn’t Part of the Plan

I’ve spent months planning (and will spend months paying) for some really great travels this summer. According to the plan, I was to leave Amarillo, Texas, this past Monday, take a flight to DFW Airport in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, then fly to London to make a very quick connection to Moscow. At that point, … Continue reading

Korea’s Court Upholds New Media Bills

A quick scan of The Korea Times on Friday brought some related stories to my attention. South Korea’s Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that the package of highly controversial media reform bills that passed Parliament this summer are valid. The Times quoted the Yonhap News Agency’s report that the reform bills “eliminate ownership restrictions in … Continue reading

Media Reform Bills Still an Issue

The South Korean Parliament began its regular 100-day session September 1st, and The Korea Herald reports that it’s off to “a rocky start.” The country’s media reform bills, which remain highly controversial, were approved earlier this summer. The main opposition Democratic Party, which utterly despises the media reforms, walked out of the opening ceremony. According … Continue reading