Texas Panhandle Staycation

I’m taking a break from my Greece updates to bring you some photos from my current home — the Texas Panhandle. Back during West Texas A&M’s spring break, some friends and I decided to explore local places we’ve never visited or hadn’t been to in a while. We started the week along historic Route 66 … Continue reading

A Beautiful Day in Canyon, Texas

Just a few miles south of Amarillo, Canyon has been my home for three years. It’s a terrific community with a great school system, a fantastic university (my employer), and some hometown charm. What’s even better is that we have attractions you just won’t find anywhere else in Texas. Palo Duro Canyon (along with the musical … Continue reading

Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas

Now that I’m a resident of the Texas Panhandle, I guess it was almost a requirement that I should spend a few moments at Cadillac Ranch. You know, 10 Cadillacs that are standing upright, buried up to their front windshields, and used as a canvas for various colors of spray paint. Is it art or … Continue reading