Journalism’s Moment in Tuscaloosa

If you live outside of the state of Alabama, you may not have heard about this week’s Tuscaloosa City Board of Education election — yet. I feel pretty confident that this is going to get some national attention. There are accusations of voter fraud, an email that suggests a University of Alabama sorority offered free … Continue reading

Dad was Right … Again

I think I was in middle school when my dad dropped the following profound bomb on me. “Not everything you read in the paper is true,” he said. What in the world? (I had not yet developed the coarser vocabulary of a journalist.) I was not convinced. It’s a newspaper. It’s news. It’s supposed to … Continue reading

"It Ain’t Worth &%#*!"

That’s how my grandfather describes the new three-day-a-week publication schedule for The Huntsville (Ala.) Times. He’s 85 years old and has earned the privilege to use some colorful language on occasion. I have griped on this blog and in person about how much I hate Advance Publications’ decision to cut the Times, and several of the … Continue reading