Travel Photos of 2016

Travel is educational. It’s exciting. It’s humbling. This year, I had the privilege of participating in a Study Abroad program with students from West Texas A&M University (thanks for letting me tag along!), and I got to visit some domestic destinations that were both familiar and new. Here’s hoping that 2017 finds you somewhere you’ve … Continue reading

New Orleans, Louisiana

It had been nearly a decade since I last visited New Orleans, Louisiana, but fate smiled upon me this month when the Excellence in Journalism Conference held its annual meetings there. Conference travel is a different beast; I’m obligated to attend sessions and meetings so I can bring some new ideas and best practices back to … Continue reading

Ditching Newspapers Exacerbates the Digital Divide

I started teaching a summer course focusing on international journalism this week. One of the issues that will permeate many of our discussions will be the lack of Internet access for hundreds of thousands — millions, really — of people across the world. My students got hip to the consequences of this pretty quickly: doesn’t … Continue reading