Jeju Island, South Korea — Climbing Hallasan Mountain

Jeju Island has been blessed with exceptional natural beauty. It’s full of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and hey, it’s a tropical volcanic island. I visited Jeju four years ago but didn’t get to hike up Hallasan Mountain, South Korea’s highest and one of its most beautiful. My travel partner is a terrific hiker; I’m not, so … Continue reading

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park holds such a sacred place in America’s psyche — not to mention its significance to geology, archaeology, and a host of other disciplines — that I don’t feel the need to describe its importance to anyone. I’m simply going to provide some of my favorite photos. I traveled to the Grand … Continue reading

Arizona’s Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

Spring Break 2013 provided a terrific excuse for two things: a visit from my mother and a road trip out west together. It was my Mom’s first time in the Texas Panhandle, and as nice as it is in this part of the country, I wanted to take her on a trip through the western … Continue reading