My News Media Philosophies in Two Podcasts

I’m fortunate to have professional media friends who have done terrific work during their careers. Two of them, Jason Norris and Dennis Washington, have been innovators in podcasting over the years, too, and I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on their programs. I’ve never shared those interviews here — until now. Jason Norris … Continue reading

Visit International News Sources

I often tell my students they should make it a habit to visit a variety of news sources. That usually elicits questions about my own news routines. My first piece of advice is to broaden their consumption habits beyond commercial television. Commercial TV news plays an important role in our news media landscape, but it isn’t … Continue reading

Terrorism and Global News Coverage

I’m certainly not the only person who has noticed the differences in news media coverage of, and the global responses to, Thursday’s terrorist attacks in Beirut, Lebanon, and Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, France. At the time of this writing, suicide bombers killed at least 41 people in Beirut. At least 128 people were killed in Paris. … Continue reading