WTAsia2015: Jeju’s Traditional 5-Day Market

We had a “pick your own adventure” theme for our second day on Jeju Island. I was interested in doing something that I hadn’t done on my previous trips, and my timing was good. The Jeju City Traditional 5-Day Market only operates five days a month, and it was open on this particular day. Some others … Continue reading

Ecuador: Buying Bizcochos and Shopping at Otavalo

On the last day of my stay in Ecuador, my host family took me to Otavalo, which is located north of Quito. That city is famous for its market of traditional Andean crafts. On our way there, my hosts wanted to introduce me to one of their favorite snacks, and they asked if I was … Continue reading

Barcelona: a Roman Wall, a Cathedral, and La Rambla

I had decided to wander around Barcelona for a little while without any specific plans to see anything. As I was emerging from an alleyway, this sight greeted me: Upon further inspection, I learned that part of the structure was built on a Roman wall that dates to the fourth century. I only explored the … Continue reading