WTAsia2015: Mudeungsan National Park and Chonnam National University

We joined an old friend of mine (a professor at Chonnam National University) and some of his students on our second day in Gwangju to explore one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations — Mudeungsan National Park. It’s a mountain, so there’s a bit of a hike — literally. We decided to visit one of … Continue reading

WTAsia2015: Getting to Gwangju, South Korea

We left Jeju Island via a quick flight on Asiana Airlines, landed in Gwangju, and made our way to our guesthouse. We didn’t have much time to explore Gwangju — just two days — so we dropped off our luggage and headed straight for the May 18th National Cemetery. There’s more information in my blog post from … Continue reading

Goodbye Seoul, Hello Tokyo

Our last full day in Seoul was a “let’s get some more souvenirs and mail them so we don’t have to carry them around” kind of day. We returned to Itaewon to get a few more items, particularly tea sets and other types of decorative wares, then headed straight to a nearby post office. Just … Continue reading