News Engagement Day

Tuesday, Oct. 4, will be News Engagement Day. Started by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication¬†in 2014, it’s an “effort to make engaging with news a national priority.” As a college professor and former working journalist, I usually find few students in my classes who say they regularly keep up with the … Continue reading

Visit International News Sources

I often tell my students they should make it a habit to visit a variety of news sources. That usually elicits questions about my own news routines. My first piece of advice is to broaden their consumption habits beyond commercial television. Commercial TV news plays an important role in our news media landscape, but it¬†isn’t … Continue reading

RIAS German/American Journalists Exchange

American and German broadcast journalists have been participating in a significant transatlantic exchange opportunity since 1993. Every year, the RIAS German/American Journalists Exchange Program, sponsored by RTDNA and RTDNF, sends German journalists to the United States, and American journalists to Germany, to learn about our respective news media systems, governments, and cultures. According to RTDNA, … Continue reading

Making a Shift Toward International Journalism

The United States needs more international journalism in its news diet. Recent revelations from Pew Research show public interest in foreign news has been declining, and one likely reason is the increased attention Americans have been giving to domestic problems. (We are paying more attention to Asia than to Europe, but if you live in … Continue reading

Dearth of International News (with links!)

This blog post isn’t going to get many readers. The headline is enough for folks to take a pass. Why? Americans don’t give a hoot about international news, so our news media don’t bother to cover much of it for us. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, it’s a pathetic situation. The … Continue reading