Super Singapore

I’ve wanted to visit Singapore for some time now, and I even included the city in the early planning stages of my travels this past summer. That didn’t work out, but I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present some research at this month’s JMComm 2014 conference for Journalism and Mass Communication, which was held in … Continue reading

Birmingham’s Civil Rights History

It might be an understatement to say that Birmingham, Alabama, has played a significant role in America’s Civil Rights history. There are places in the city (which has been my home on two different occasions) where reminders of tragedies and triumphs are literally across the street from each other. That’s the case downtown at the … Continue reading

Press Freedom? Only If the Mob Agrees With You.

Part of my job as an educator is to cut through some of the mythology that surrounds America’s free press history. It’s important to let my students know that everything hasn’t been as rosy as we typically have been led to believe. America is the bastion of free press rights, correct? We respect different viewpoints … Continue reading