Academic Department Chair: Two Years In

I’ve waited nearly two years to make my first post about being a chair of an academic department. Frankly, I’ve needed time to get used to the job. When I was hired, I was told it would take a year just to start figuring things out. That was true. It’s also true that I’m still … Continue reading

A New Urgency for Journalism

Another new semester will dawn at West Texas A&M University next week. Just as the summer starts its predictable fade into fall, I’ll once again find myself inside a classroom, meeting new students and catching up with familiar ones. I appreciate the academic cycle, with its built-in opportunities for renewal and change. Every semester offers … Continue reading

Planning an Adventure is an Adventure

My colleague and I are taking a Travel Writing class to Asia in less than four months. We’ve long since passed the early significant hurdles in this process: planning a two-week itinerary, creating a responsible budget, getting approval from my academic department and the Study Abroad Office, and then finding at least 10 students willing … Continue reading