Academic Department Chair: Two Years In

I’ve waited nearly two years to make my first post about being a chair of an academic department. Frankly, I’ve needed time to get used to the job. When I was hired, I was told it would take a year just to start figuring things out. That was true. It’s also true that I’m still … Continue reading

Look to Campus for Journalism’s Renaissance

The news for college journalism has been pretty good recently, particularly for The Crimson White, the University of Alabama’s student newspaper. Student journalists turned their attention toward the continuing practice of racial segregation within the university’s Greek system. The reporting was picked up nationally and internationally, and The CW continued to hammer away at the issue … Continue reading

Actually Getting to Know My Students

A few things happened this week that prompted a lot of thought about my relationships with my students. All of these things happened outside of my normal class interactions. For starters, one of my students asked if he could come see me after class one day. It was one of those “shut the door” kinds … Continue reading