Ferrying between Sweden and Denmark

During our stay in Malmö, Sweden, we took an hour’s train ride north to Helsingborg for a day trip. As soon as we arrived, we wandered over to the ferry terminal to take a very short ride across the Øresund Strait to Helsingør, Denmark. The whole point of this activity was to take a ferry from one country … Continue reading

Bainbridge Island, Washington

Bainbridge Island is a pretty cool place. It’s just a short ferry ride away from Seattle, but if one of my friends hadn’t invited me to spend a couple of days there during my visit to Washington, I may not have discovered it. The sunsets are awesome, and during an evening stroll around the island, I was … Continue reading

Seattle, Washington

Seattle has been on my “Places to Visit” list for years, but I had never created a great excuse to get there — until this summer. I decided I would stop over in the area for a few days on my way back from South Korea because I was flying that direction anyway, right? Besides, … Continue reading