Don’t Board the News Media Scapegoat Train

What happened in Newtown, Connecticut is horrific. It is an event that has bruised our national psyche. Like thousands across this country and this world, I’m sad, disgusted and angry about it. What happened there is unconscionable. As journalists, how do you possibly report on something that is unspeakable? It’s an exceedingly difficult story to … Continue reading

Dad was Right … Again

I think I was in middle school when my dad dropped the following profound bomb on me. “Not everything you read in the paper is true,” he said. What in the world? (I had not yet developed the coarser vocabulary of a journalist.) I was not convinced. It’s a newspaper. It’s news. It’s supposed to … Continue reading

Real Life Journalism Ethics

My students are talking about journalism ethics — even when I’m not around. I’ll take that as a small measure of teaching success. This all started last Friday when FOX News was airing a high-speed auto chase occurring in Arizona and then didn’t cut away fast enough; the driver exited the vehicle and shot himself … Continue reading