WTAsia2015: One Week in Seoul

Our visit to Jeju Island was a relatively short three nights, and our time in Gwangju flew by after only two nights. By then, I think most of the WTAsia2015 travel writing crew were eager to settle down for a bit. Ready for the final leg of our journey, we arrived at the station in Gwangju and waited for our … Continue reading

Crowdfunding #WTAsia2015

Kim Bruce and I got some really exciting news last night: West Texas A&M University has launched a crowdfunding effort to help our Travel Writing students during their upcoming exploration of South Korea. Here’s the link: Back the Buffs — #WTAsia2015 Our students have already uploaded photos, videos, and short explanations about how excited they … Continue reading

Travel Photos of 2014

I was really fortunate to experience an abundance of travel opportunities in 2014. This year was particularly special because I did something I’ve never done before: circumnavigate the northern hemisphere. I left Amarillo, Texas, in May and kept traveling eastward until I got back in early July. I had a lot of fun seeing old … Continue reading