A Primer for Student Travel

Traveling internationally is one of the most rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating, humbling, and educational endeavors one can pursue. I haven’t met many people, once they’ve put an overseas trip or two behind them, who expressed no interest whatsoever in doing it again. I’ve been fortunate to share these kinds of experiences with a few of my colleagues … Continue reading

This is a Call

I’m calling on my Alma mater to flex a little muscle. I’m talking about The University of Alabama, and specifically the College of Communication and Information Sciences. I’m a three-time graduate of its journalism and mass communication programs. The college is part of my professional DNA. It’s home. As one of its sons, I feel … Continue reading

Where are the Newspaper Advisers?

This week saw a couple of high-profile screw ups in the student newspaper world, and both were related to April Fools editions. Boston University’s The Daily Free Press published a regrettable issue in which Disney characters were involved in various types of sexual assaults or improprieties. Then we journalism watchers learned that the University of Missouri’s … Continue reading