Walt Disney World’s Epcot

While visiting Orlando for a recent conference, I had the opportunity to spend a day exploring Disney’s Epcot Theme Park. I had a pass to visit any of the parks, so I chose Epcot because I wanted to visit the World Showcase (it had been 11 years since my last visit). I was also curious to … Continue reading

Dearth of International News (with links!)

This blog post isn’t going to get many readers. The headline is enough for folks to take a pass. Why? Americans don’t give a hoot about international news, so our news media don’t bother to cover much of it for us. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, it’s a pathetic situation. The … Continue reading

Hong Kong’s Anniversary Under Chinese Rule

China’s English-language television news channel, CCTV, reported on Wednesday’s 12th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to Chinese rule (July 1st). I remember watching the transfer ceremony back in 1997 when I was news director of WAGE-AM in Leesburg, Virginia. Watching two of CCTV’s news broadcasts today, I saw lots of celebrations and was … Continue reading