Armenians in Singapore

News media across the world have been reporting on this week’s 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire. Turkey still does not recognize this episode as a genocide, but many historians have concluded that more than one million Armenians were killed by the end of World War I. I visited Armenia nearly a … Continue reading

Travel Photos of 2014

I was really fortunate to experience an abundance of travel opportunities in 2014. This year was particularly special because I did something I’ve never done before: circumnavigate the northern hemisphere. I left Amarillo, Texas, in May and kept traveling eastward until I got back in early July. I had a lot of fun seeing old … Continue reading

Geghard Monastery in Armenia

As best as anyone can tell, Geghard Monastery was established sometime in the early fourth century, but people had been worshiping at the site long before Christianity came on the scene. It sits at the beginning of the Azat Valley, which is outside of Yerevan, Armenia, and is surrounded by mountains and cliffs. Because of … Continue reading