San Antonio, Texas

I drove from Amarillo to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago to attend a really great conference for high school journalists and their teachers: the Texas Association of Journalism Educators Fall Fiesta. Despite the eight hour drive, I still haven’t passed up an opportunity to spend a little time in San Antonio. There are … Continue reading

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Road trips are awesome. Throw in some great friends, and it makes for a mighty fine weekend. Albuquerque is about a four hour drive from Amarillo. There’s a whole lot of nature out there (a pessimist might call it “nothing”), but there are some pretty rockin’ travel stops along I-40 in this part of the … Continue reading

Nighttime Photos of the Vegas Strip

I took a road trip out west recently — with my brand new camera — and planned to get a little photography practice in some of America’s tourist locales. I have a long way to go, but I’m sharing some nighttime photos from one of my evenings strolling up and down the Las Vegas Strip.