Food Pics (Europe Edition)

Regular visitors know that I irregularly post photos and thoughts about my travels on this blog. I can go long stretches without sharing new content. As a professor, the fall academic calendar keeps me pretty close to home, but my travel itinerary usually starts to fill up after the spring semester break and stretches into the summer. … Continue reading

Seven Towns in Czech Republic

I really must apologize for the jumbled mess that is this post. Usually, I provide specific information related to the photos you see here: where they were taken, the circumstances, etc. That’s not the case for this entry. I can’t pinpoint specific locations for some of these photos with total certainty. However, I can tell you … Continue reading

Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve been looking through old travel photos for my #TravelTuesday2016 initiative on Instagram, and I realized that many of my pics have never shown up on this blog. I have a ton of photos from my 2008 visit to Prague, Czech Republic, and they deserve a little space on this site, too. If you’ve been to … Continue reading