Toronto, Ontario — Day 3

Our final day in Toronto was my favorite. By Day 3, I was starting to get comfortable with the city. We had enjoyed exploring different neighborhoods during the days and then eating in our local neighborhood in the evenings. I have previously mentioned the abundance of Asian cuisine available here.   To begin our last … Continue reading

Toronto, Ontario — Day 2

I don’t have many photos of our Day 2 wanderings through Toronto. The point of our day was to explore several neighborhoods to get a better sense of the city as a whole. As we were looking for Graffiti Alley (we found it), we came across the CTV building. Being a former broadcast journalist, I appreciated … Continue reading

Toronto, Ontario — Day 1

Aside from a brief layover at Toronto Pearson International Airport on a recent trip back from Europe, I had not been to Toronto since 1985’s epic Cain family trip to Canada. When I lived in South Korea, I worked with some colleagues who were from Toronto, and I had been wanting to get back there ever since. … Continue reading