Favorite Photo Story: Listvyanka, Russia

Location: Listvyanka, Russia

Date: May 2014

Along the shore of Lake Baikal in Listvyanka, Russia

I spent a few days visiting Listvyanka on a side trip while traversing the Trans-Siberian Railway in late spring 2014. Traveling eastward from Moscow through Siberia, I departed the train in Irkutsk, and a private driver drove me and my travel companion southeast to the northern shore of Lake Baikal. I remember a couple of things from that evening: 1) it was cold, and I wasn’t wearing enough clothes to stay sufficiently warm; and 2) the driver drove really fast, the kind of speed down darkening, winding, forest-lined roadways where you can’t help but think “okay, I’ve lived a full life” while contemplating your existence in the back seat.

This photo was taken the next morning during a stroll along Baikal’s bank. I was drawn to the image of the snow-covered mountains in the distance rising above the moored boats and calm waters in the foreground. The air was chilly, and on the left side of the photograph you can see where heat rising from the pavement distorted the image.

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