Classroom 224, Episode 9 “Joining Organizations”

Welcome to the ninth episode of Classroom 224. My name is Butler Cain, and I’m your host and producer.

Getting involved with student, professional, and service organizations is one of the best parts about being in college. It gives you an opportunity to meet new people, learn different things, and enjoy another set of experiences.

Colleges and universities feature a wide range of student organizations. Your faculty members can help you get involved in local or statewide professional organizations, too. In this episode, I share three reasons why joining these groups can be good professionally and personally.

Number 1 – You’ll build professional networks. College graduates will tell you how much their memberships in various organizations have paid off during their careers. Your current friends become your future colleagues, and knowing professionals across a variety of fields provides a lot of potential advantages for many years.

Number 2 – You’ll develop leadership skills. Student, professional, and service organizations provide bountiful opportunities to pursue an elected or appointed position within the group. It’s a terrific way to practice public speaking, organizational skills, and setting goals. These positions also look great on a résumé.

Number 3 – You’ll meet people with common interests. For some students, it might be the first time you find a group of people with similar hobbies, experiences, or perspectives. This helps create community, which has a positive impact on student retention. Research also suggests students are much more successful in college when they have higher levels of engagement.

Tell us about your favorite service, student, or professional group on this episode’s page at ButlerCain – dot – com.

On the next and final episode of this podcast series, we’ll wrap things up with a discussion about graduate school.

The music you hear on this podcast was produced by Kipp Cain and is used with his permission.

You’ve been listening to Classroom 224, I’m Butler Cain. Take care.

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