Classroom 224, Episode 1 “Introduction”

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Classroom 224. My name is Butler Cain, and I am producer and host of this new project.

Classroom 224 is an audio podcast with the broad theme of education, and in particular, it’s aimed at students.

You can find it on my website – ButlerCain – dot – Com. Cain is spelled C-A-I-N.

When you visit my site, you’ll find a lot of content about travel, journalism, mass media, and education. These themes will be among the primary topics addressed on this platform, but the individual episodes may cover all kinds of content.

Let’s talk about the length of the podcast – two-to-three minutes. Anything longer than that is just too much. With that in mind, let me briefly introduce myself. I’m a former public radio broadcaster who spent nearly two decades as a working journalist. Over the years, I went to graduate school, earned a P-H-D, and have spent the past decade-and-a-half teaching both part-time and full-time. I was a student media advisor in Texas, and now I’m chair of the Department of Communications at the University of North Alabama.

I spent some time as an expat living and working in South Korea, and, once you see my website, it will be obvious that travel is something I enjoy. It’s one of the greatest ways to get an education, and I travel with my family whenever we can.

Two other quick academic notes: I’m adviser to the Rotaract Club at the University of North Alabama. It’s a service organization affiliated with Rotary International, and I will talk about that on a future episode. And, I’m a member of the Fulbright Specialist Roster, which means I’m eligible to partner with groups across the globe for training in journalism and mass communication.

Let’s get back to this project. Classroom 224 is intended to be participatory, which is what I prefer in my classrooms. I hope you’ll consider the content, ask questions, and even suggest possible topics. You can do that in a few ways.

There’s a contact page on ButlerCain – dot – com, and that might be the easiest way for you to communicate with me. I’m keeping content accessibility in mind, as well, so I’ll be posting both the audio content and scripts. You can also find me on Twitter – AT-ButlerCain – no space – and on LinkedIn, that’s also ButlerCain, again, no space.

And, that’s it for this introductory first episode. Coming up on the next episode of Classroom 224, I’ll talk about Study Abroad. I really recommend it, and if you can make it work, it could be a transformational experience for you.

My theme music was produced by Kipp Cain and is used with his permission.

You’ve been listening to Classroom 224, I’m Butler Cain. Take care, everybody.

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