New Design, Updated Mission

Hello again!

A 10-month hiatus is long enough. is emerging from its slumber with a new design and an updated mission. Some aspects of this site will remain familiar, such as the travel posts and occasional commentary, and some parts will reflect new interests.

The updated site design is obvious. The previous one worked for several years, indicating my preference for a tight, simplified look that embraces white space. This updated version does that, as well. I removed the widget that displayed my tweets and have opted instead for some easy-to-click social platform links in the right-side column. I particularly like this design’s additional capability of highlighting up to 10 similarly-themed posts at the top of the homepage.

This site will still feature travel posts. My travel habits have not changed very much; I get on the road (or in the air) as often as possible. However, the nature of my travels has changed significantly and is now more family-oriented. There will be fewer photos of the type I’m used to sharing (how many pictures of arcades and theme parks do you really need to see here?), but I’ll continue to share what I have. How about this gorgeous sunset at the Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City last October?

Travel and commentary constituted the primary content of this blog for a decade, but now I’m interested in including a wider array of my evolving interests. You’ll find links at the bottom of the home page promoting the Department of Communications at the University of North Alabama. My colleagues and I are working diligently to modernize communication education and give our students the training, knowledge, and experiences they need to have successful careers. We’re proud of our efforts, and I’ll be promoting them on occasion.

Rotaract has returned to UNA, and I’m excited to be the club’s adviser. It’s a service-oriented organization with a global reach and support from Rotary International.

The Rotaract Club at UNA focuses on professional development and community service, and we’re recruiting like-minded students for the next academic year. Get in touch if you’d like more information.

The Fulbright Specialist Program is something I’ve wanted to join for several years, and I am honored to be on the Fulbright Specialist Roster through 2022. It’s a career highlight to be listed with so many people who are outstanding in their fields, and I’m ready to collaborate with educators and professionals, wherever they are, who are looking for a project partner.

Additionally, the University of North Alabama has had an incredible amount of recent success with the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. My academic department fully supports our students’ applications, and I’ve provided some links to Fulbright initiatives at the bottom of this site’s main page.

And, there’s one more thing. Audio will be a new feature on this site. I’ll have more details when that part of this project is ready to go.

As always, thanks for your attention, your interest, and your time. I hope you enjoy the upcoming new content.

Bonus Photo!

The Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville, Kentucky

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