Toronto, Ontario — Day 1

Aside from a brief layover at Toronto Pearson International Airport on a recent trip back from Europe, I had not been to Toronto since 1985’s epic Cain family trip to Canada. When I lived in South Korea, I worked with some colleagues who were from Toronto, and I had been wanting to get back there ever since.

Several months ago, my wife and I were looking at our calendars, and we found some free space during the July Fourth holiday week. We explored some options and decided Toronto would make a nice destination. It’s two short plane flights from Huntsville International Airport, so we booked our tickets and an Airbnb apartment, and we looked forward to making the trip.

Flying into Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). Downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario are in the distance.


We arrived quite late on our travel day because our second flight had been delayed, so we didn’t do anything that evening but find our apartment and settle in. However, that night we discovered The Art of Banksy exhibit was still in Toronto, so we immediately purchased tickets online and put it on our agenda.

The next morning, we started the day by visiting The Bata Shoe Museum. We learned it has so many artifacts that it regularly changes its exhibits. I was particularly impressed with the current displays exploring the history of footwear and religion. The museum was also featuring a special exhibit of Manolo Blahnik’s work.


At this point, we decided we would walk down Bloor Street West because we needed to go in that direction to get to the Banksy exhibit. We like walking whenever possible. This was a good and bad decision. The walk took way longer than we thought, and it was a terribly hot, humid day. In fact, we learned later that people in Quebec had died as a result of the recent heat. By the time we arrived at the exhibit, we were tired, hot, and sweat-soaked. The exhibit, though, was terrific.


The reason our walk was a good decision was that we got to see a lot of the neighborhoods and businesses of Bloor Street West. It was a pleasant surprise to discover Korea Town and the many restaurants located there. After seeing the Banksy exhibit, we took a subway back to Korea Town and cooled off while having some lunch.


We wrapped up the day by exploring Toronto’s financial district.


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