Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It took some planning and coordination, but we found a weekend in July when we could meet up with my wife’s family, and we chose to get together in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The plan was pretty simple: get there on a Friday afternoon and explore Bricktown, spend Saturday at Frontier City amusement park, and enjoy as much fun as we could before hitting the road back to Alabama on Sunday.

Bricktown, as usual, is a cool place. We enjoyed dinner at Yucatan Taco Stand and dropped some cash at Brickopolis.



We also discovered the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame and the Jim Thorpe Museum. This was a pleasant surprise for my step-son because he had been assigned to write and deliver a report about Jim Thorpe during this past school year. The museum was already closed for the day, so we promised him we’d come back on Saturday while we took a midday break from Frontier City.

It’s an excellent museum, admission is free, and I learned things about Jim Thorpe that I did not know (such as, he also competed in ballroom dancing).



It was also a nice surprise to see a display honoring the current Paycom Jim Thorpe Award recipient. The award is presented to the top defensive back in college football, and last season, that award went to Minkah Fitzpatrick of the Alabama Crimson Tide. He’s the second Crimson Tide player to win the award. Antonio Langham won it in 1993. (Note: I’m an Alabama grad. Roll Tide!)



Bonus Photos!

The museum is on the second floor and is connected to Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark. There’s a nice outdoor landing where visitors can get a view of the ballpark.

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