Ferrying between Sweden and Denmark

During our stay in Malmö, Sweden, we took an hour’s train ride north to Helsingborg for a day trip. As soon as we arrived, we wandered over to the ferry terminal to take a very short ride across the Øresund Strait to Helsingør, Denmark.

The whole point of this activity was to take a ferry from one country to another — a routine undertaking for people in other parts of the world, but not a common one for us. It also provided an opportunity to do something else I really enjoy when traveling: forget making a plan and discover what awaits.

My wife and I explored the vicinity near the ferry terminal. We didn’t visit Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but we admired it from afar.

It was lunchtime, and we noticed some signs promising street food nearby. We followed them to Værftets Madmarked, or the Elsinore Street Food Market. The shipyard decor, the variety of food choices, and the immediate payoff for following the signs made it a pleasant dining experience. I headed straight for The Fish Project.

After a brief, yet enjoyable, visit to Helsingør, we took another ferry back to Helsingborg to walk around for a bit (and dodge a thunderstorm) before we caught a train back to Malmö.


Bonus Photo!

This piece of art is near the food market. It’s made of man-made materials fished out of area waters.


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