Urban Arts in Malmö, Sweden

Let me get straight to it: I would live in Malmö. This coastal city in southern Sweden, situated less than half an hour from Copenhagen, Denmark, is impressive.

Cultural diversity. Great food. Easy to walk. Interesting history. Superb nightlife. Supportive of the arts. Kid-friendly activities. In fact, my wife and I are already talking about how much fun it would be to take the kids for a visit.

My wife studies — and appreciates — urban arts, so we visited a couple of the city’s legal graffiti walls. At one wall, we asked the artists if they minded us taking pictures. They didn’t, and we learned one of them was visiting from Los Angeles.


Another legal graffiti wall is outside of Folkets Park, which features some stellar playground equipment for children and a skating area.


As all travelers know, sometimes serendipity is on your side. This poster is Example #1:


We made it a priority to find this park, and we did.


Yes, I’m classifying food truck fare as urban art for the purposes of this post. That Nordic Street Food was delicious. I was thinking about visiting the Korean food truck, but they ran out of kimchi, so that was a non-starter.

More serendipity. This poster is Example #2:


Malmö was hosting the Swedish BC One Cypher dance tournament sponsored by Red Bull. If you click the link and look at the second photo (titled “Calle – Winner 2018 BC One Cypher”), you’ll see me and my wife sitting on the front row, just below the dancer’s right foot.


Bonus Photo!

This post is …

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