Taking it Easy in Kalmar, Sweden

The slogan on the official visitor’s guide states that Kalmar, Sweden, is “for leisure and pleasure.” I get it. Situated beside the Baltic Sea, it is a chill city. Easy to walk. Fascinating history. Friendly folks.

Kalmar Castle is a primary attraction. As the website states, its origins date to the 12th Century, and it’s one of the best preserved Nordic Renaissance castles around. Also, I like decorative globes and maps.

The study abroad group I was traveling with spent a few days in town, and we stayed at a place called Rasta Kalmar. It was the best hotel-restaurant-convenience store-petrol station-with-an-attached-Burger King that I have ever stayed at. Kidding aside, it was a great place, and it was just one bus stop away (or a short walk) from Guldfågeln Arena, home to the Kalmar FF soccer club.

I mentioned up top that downtown Kalmar practically invites you to walk around, so I did.

If you find yourself in Kalmar with a little time on your hands, I recommend visiting the Kalmar County Museum. It’s really nice, and if you have children, I think they will love it. There are lots of interactive exhibits, and the content is heavily focused on the area’s maritime history. In fact, it has one of the coolest museum displays I’ve ever seen. Look at those guys’ faces!


Bonus Photo!

This lovely tree-lined street is next to Kalmar Castle.


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