My News Media Philosophies in Two Podcasts

I’m fortunate to have professional media friends who have done terrific work during their careers. Two of them, Jason Norris and Dennis Washington, have been innovators in podcasting over the years, too, and I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on their programs. I’ve never shared those interviews here — until now.

Jason Norris featured me on a March 2017 episode of Podcast Local titled “Principles of journalism for local podcasters.” He gave me a half hour to discuss my ideas and concerns about modern journalism. Jason, thank you.

I had to get in the way-back machine to share my interview with Dennis Washington, which he featured on The Cross Digital Podcast in October 2013. If you’ve got 33 minutes and are interested in hearing how I was thinking about journalism education and professional development five years ago, this is the podcast episode for you. Dennis, I appreciate it.


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