Travel Photos of 2017

My traveling experiences changed dramatically during 2017. I started the year in a new relationship and ended the year as a newlywed husband and stepdad. The changes have certainly impacted how (and where) I travel, but I still managed to take some photos along the way. Here’s a snapshot (several of them, actually) of my 2017 excursions.


New Orleans, Louisiana. February 2017.


Greenville, South Carolina. March 2017.


Chattanooga, Tennessee. March 2017.


Las Vegas, Nevada. April 2017.


Paris, France. May 2017.


Nice, France. May 2017.


Monaco. May 2017.


Gulf Shores, Alabama. June 2017.


Nashville, Tennessee. July 2017.


Montreal, Canada. August 2017.


Cape Canaveral, Florida. December 2017.


Nassau, Bahamas. December 2017.


Tulsa, Oklahoma. December 2017.

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